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We have curated a list of industry associations and meetup groups to help you stay connected to the thriving tech community right here in West Michigan.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. CSA harnesses the subject matter expertise of industry practitioners, associations, governments, and its corporate and individual members to offer cloud security-specific research, education, certification, events and products. CSA’s activities, knowledge and extensive network benefit the entire community impacted by cloud — from providers and customers, to governments, entrepreneurs and the assurance industry — and provide a forum through which diverse parties can work together to create and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem. Learn more at

Technology NEXT is for Inforum members who are passionate about advancing the careers of women in technology. The group is focused on sharing knowledge, increasing understanding of technology issues and offering unique professional development and relationship building opportunities for technology professionals, as as well as educators, consultants, attorneys and other experts who routinely work in technology. If anyone who is interested in the group should sign up for our LinkedIn page, and sign up for the mailing List to hear about upcoming events.

GR-ISSA is a local chapter of the international Information Systems Security Association (or ISSA) based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. GR-ISSA provides local security professionals and practitioners a variety of information security resources ranging from presentations and knowledge sharing to social networking opportunities. This site is dedicated to the Grand Rapids, Michigan chapter of ISSA. GR-ISSA was founded in 2003. For information about the parent international ISSA organization, you are encouraged to visit

ITMA logo.jpg

The Information Technology Management Association (ITMA) located in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the brainchild of a former Gartner Group Analyst who responded to the need to bring local IT Leaders together to share their experiences, expertise and knowledge. 

Through member collaboration, facilitated meetings, and expert presenters, members have access to a group of their peers that are leading IT departments across West Michigan.  Simply put, ITMA provides knowledge sharing in a trustworthy environment to accelerate performance. Learn more at  

National Center for Women and IT

NCWIT is a non-profit community that convenes, equips, and unites change leader organizations to increase the influential and meaningful participation of girls and women — at the intersections of race/ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, and other historically marginalized identities — in the field of computing, particularly in terms of innovation and development. Learn more at  

WMCSC K=Logo.png

The West Michigan Cyber Security Consortium (WMCSC) exists to enhance the prevention, protection, response, and recovery to cyber security threats, disruptions, and degradation of critical information technology functions. Learn more at or  

WomSA Logo.png

The Women’s Security Alliance (WomSA)is dedicated to the success of women in cybersecurity. WomSA believes a cybersecurity career is possible for anyone with the interest and passion to invest in their future success.  


WomSA is a nonprofit organization that empowers women in cybersecurity by:

  • Aligning her strengths and interests to a cybersecurity career path

  • Providing resources such as mentors that guide women through the cyber community

  • Brokering connections to funding resources to provide financial aid for training

  • Developing networking opportunities to meet industry experts, recruiters, and corporate executives


Learn more at

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