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Join us to help develop a diverse and skilled workforce to meet West Michigan's technology talent needs.


West Michigan Tech Talent connects local employers, educators, community organizations and workforce experts who are invested in creating a strong tech workforce. By sharing best practices, leveraging resources and collaborating on innovative solutions, we are addressing the tech talent gap.

Together we can grow, develop and recruit a strong and diverse tech workforce in West Michigan.


FACT: 93% of parents want their children to learn computer science.


FACT: Only 4 in 10  K-12 schools teach computer programming.

Did you know students who learn computer science in high school are six times more likely to major in the subject in college? The more exposure kids get to computer science and technology, the more likely they are to become our future workforce. Join us in providing kids with opportunities to engage with computing and technology careers.


This global movement creates hands-on coding experiences for students every December during Computer Science Education Week.

WMTT organizes {MI}CODE EXPERIENCE experiences, reaching thousands of West Michigan students. During the initiative, local tech professionals act as volunteer mentors and teach basic coding skills in elementary classes.

The goal of the program is to introduce as many students as possible to technology and ultimately see broader participation in the industry across gender, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

CareerQuest TM color.png

An innovative, experiential career event for West Michigan students from grades 6-12. This career exploration event allows students to get exposure to a variety of tech careers with hands on exhibits. These experiences allow students to get excited about careers in tech and see the opportunities available in West Michigan.

To learn more about MiCareerQuest or to sign up to participate, visit the MiCareerQuest website at



FACT: In 2021, West Michigan employers were awarded $12.28 million in training funds. 

 FACT: 15 of the fund recipients were in the IT sector. 

Did you know West Michigan's IT industry is one of the fastest growing in the country? Compound this fact with the low unemployment rate and finding enough qualified talent to fill job openings is a challenge for West Michigan employers. 

We can help upskill the current workforce to meet our region's talent demands. By connecting employers to training and funding opportunities, we make developing West Michigan's workforce accessible and affordable.



Did you know that over 50% of West Michigan's population is female, yet only 1 in 4 computing occupations in the region are held by women?

WMTT partner organization, Grand Circus is committed to training more women for careers in tech. One way they do that is through their DEVELOP(her) scholarship program that funds their coding bootcamp for women who qualify for the award.


WMTT acts as a project manager to connect tech employers with training opportunities and grants. We partner with West Michigan Works! to secure training reimbursement funds through a variety of programs. In 2019, West Michigan tech companies or departments have been awarded over $720,000 in training grants.


We also coordinate and host outside training providers to address shared talent needs among West Michigan tech employers.


Need to upskill your workforce? Contact Anne Pentiak at



FACT: There are currently 9,582 open computing jobs in Michigan. 

FACT: In 2018, Michigan had only 2,467 computer science graduates; only 19% were female. 

Expanding the talent pool by recruiting outside talent and keeping new graduates in West Michigan is a necessary task. WMTT connects local employers with organizations that actively recruit top talent from outside areas to West Michigan. Let's create awareness of the professional tech opportunities available in West Michigan to assist employers in filling their IT talent needs. West Michigan is a great place to work and live, let's spread the word!

We are committed to recruiting and retaining a qualified and diverse talent pool for West Michigan's IT sector. Check out the video below to learn why IT is for EVERYONE!


West Michigan is home to:

  • over 2,000 acres of parks, trails, award-winning golf courses & skiing

  • Beer City USA and nearly 40 breweries

  • minor league baseball, basketball, hockey & soccer teams

  • the oldest Civic Theater in the country

  • some of the best beaches in the world




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