RECRUIT a Diverse Pool of Top IT Talent

Do you need more experienced IT talent than what is currently available? 

Expanding the talent pool by recruiting outside talent and keeping new graduates in West Michigan is a necessary task. Members of the recruit committee will partner with local organizations that actively recruit top talent from outside areas to West Michigan. Let's create awareness of the professional tech opportunities available in West Michigan to assist our members in filling their IT talent needs. West Michigan is a great place to work and live, let's spread the word!

Current Opportunities

Identifying Top, In-Demand IT Occupations

We need your help! To best serve the talent needs for local employers, we need to have good data driving our decisions and employer feedback to support that data. West Michigan Tech Talent partners with Hello West Michigan to create IT specific recruitment campaigns to fill in-demand occupations. Employer input is critical to identify available jobs and target recruitment efforts.

Employer Seminars

Want to get new ideas or share best practices for recruiting and retaining employees? Join us to create an employer seminar series that addresses these topics. Seminars will include recruiting out of state workers - expectations and strategies, analyzing job descriptions and statewide vs local talent trends.