What is West Michigan Tech Talent?

West Michigan Tech Talent (WMTT) is a collaborative, employer driven organization with the mission and vision of enhancing the talent pool for the IT industry in West Michigan. It's purpose is to engage employers with best practices, resources and a community to help grow, develop, recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive IT workforce.

Activities will be dictated by the workgroup leads (GROW, DEVELOP, RECRUIT/RETAIN) with the vision of the Board of Directors. Examples of past activities include participation in MiCareerQuest, volunteering and coordination of events for BitCamp, hosting IT seminars and workshops, and participating in Talent Tours. Additional project teams will be created by each committee based on feedback from community employer needs. Activities may include volunteering time to established local groups, mentoring youth who have an interest in Information Technology, or supporting the group with other skill sets that are available.

What activities are available?

What is the description of each workgroup?

GROW – the major focus of this group is on students in grades K-16. Goals include creating awareness and interest in the technology field amount students, teachers and parents. Focus on working with educational partners to assure students are receiving a strong, relevant foundation in the area of IT. WMTT looks to guide and mentor students that show interest in learning more or pursuing a future in Information Technology. Particular focus would be to promote IT careers to populations under-represented in the industry.


DEVELOP – focusing on the adult population, the develop workgroup looks to create opportunities for West Michigan employers who have identified IT skills gaps. This group will coordinate the identification of workforce development priorities with IT training providers, funding sources and employers. The develop committee will also partner with existing local resources dedicated to the “lifelong learners” of the IT world.


RECRUIT/RETAIN – This group will partner with organizations that actively recruit best talent from outside areas. Goals are to create awareness of the opportunities in West Michigan and seek methods of bringing IT talent back to West Michigan of individuals who may have roots in the area. A major goal is to create awareness of the IT sector in West Michigan, while promoting the lifestyle of the region.

Is this a collaborative effort?

YES! The very essence of this group is a collaboration between employers, education providers and workforce and economic development to promote IT careers and develop our existing workforce. We plan on leveraging existing      resources that are already in line with the mission and vision of the organization      to support these functions. Member organizations will have a variety of projects to  get involved with and also be able to work with others in the IT industry.

The major qualification we are looking for is that the individual has a passion and drive for the mission of WMTT. We want companies and individuals involved who have a vested interest in seeing the quantity and quality of IT talent in West Michigan rise. 

What type of skills are being targeted?

Levels of commitment?

Every level of commitment begins with a membership into WMTT. Individuals wishing to participate will need to belong to a member organization. Volunteers would then look at which committees they would like to serve on and what project teams they can assist with from those committees.

Organizations and employers who become members of WMTT have no minimum expectation of a time commitment. Employees of member organizations can volunteer on project teams that align with their interests. These project teams may meet once a month for a few hours and coordinate throughout the month as they work on a particular project.


What type of time commitment is involved?

WMTT will have a membership fee structure for all member organizations. Organizations will not have any limit on the number of employees who actively participate in WMTT project teams. There are no fees for individuals who want to be involve as long as their employer is a member organization.




What is the financial