FACT: In 2019, 222 West Michigan employers were awarded $9.4 million in training funds. 

FACT: 17 of the fund recipients were in the IT sector.

Did you know West Michigan's IT industry is one of the fastest growing in the country? Compound this fact with the low unemployment rate and finding enough qualified talent to fill job openings is a challenge for West Michigan employers. 

We can help upskill the current workforce to meet our region's talent demands. By connecting employers to training and funding opportunities, we make developing West Michigan's workforce accessible and affordable.


Connect Employers & Job Seekers to Training

Did you know that over 50% of West Michigan's population is female, yet only 1 in 4 computing occupations in the region are held by women?

WMTT partner organization, Grand Circus is committed to training more women for careers in tech. One way they do that is through their DEVELOP(her) scholarship program that funds their coding bootcamp for women who qualify for the award.

Grand Circus is currently accepting scholarship applications through August 8, 2018. Get Started!

Make Training Accessible & Affordable

WMTT acts as a project manager to connect tech employers with training opportunities and grants. We partner with West Michigan Works! to secure training reimbursement funds through a variety of programs. In 2019, West Michigan tech companies or departments have been awarded over $720,000 in training grants.

We also coordinate and host outside training providers to address shared talent needs among West Michigan tech employers.

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